September Arrangements

Dear Parents and Carers, 

We have made it to the end of the school year! We have limped home and were so sorry that our lovely Y2 Carle Class had to isolate during this last week. We will make it up to them in September! 

This year has been yet another very difficult year for us all. Children everywhere have missed out on so many things but we are looking forward to starting most things back up again in September. Government restrictions have mostly been lifted so we can’t wait to get things back to being as close to normal as possible for our pupils. 

From September we will be;

  • Swimming (KS2 on a rota), 
  • Going on class trips, 
  • Mixing and playing together with no bubbles,
  • Sharing equipment, 
  • Eating in the dining room, not classrooms, 
  • Having assemblies together,
  • Inviting families into school for Family Learning etc. 
  • Having no requirement to wear masks on site.

Some things will remain the same, including;

  • Good cleaning / hygiene including regular handwashing / sanitising,
  • Increased ventilation, 
  • Continuing to follow Public Health advice over testing, isolating and managing positive cases. 

The good news is that we should not need to ask whole classes to isolate. From August 16th, children identified as close contacts will not be asked to isolate but will be asked to take a PCR test. This is great news as this will really help to minimise the disruption to education that we have all seen this year. 

Results of the consultation over times of the school day

Thank you for responding to our recent consultation. We had 94 responses. 83% were happy with the proposed times so from September the new times will be;

Year GroupStart time (September) Finish time (September)
Nursery9:00 (doors open at 9:00) 3:05
Reception9:00 (doors open at 8:50) 3:05 
Year 19:00 (doors open at 8:50) 3:10 
Year 29:00 (doors open at 8:50) 3:10  
Year 39:00 (doors open at 8:50) 3:15 
Year 49:00 (doors open at 8:50) 3:15 
Year 59:00 (doors open at 8:50) 3:20
Year 69:00 (doors open at 8:50) 3:20

We are sorry if these new times cause anyone any issues. Please come and speak to us if they do and we will try to help. 

Parents have made some really useful points for us to consider. Some of the suggestions have already been included ready for September and others will be considered in the new term. 

One of the main concerns was trying to reduce crowds.  To help with this we are continuing to use more of the gates and entrances to help to avoid crowding. We will still be encouraging parents to leave promptly once they have collected their child. 

Other parents felt that it was difficult to walk around the school site so we will make this easier by opening the gates between playgrounds so that parents can cut through from one area to another. Parents will not have to follow any one way systems and can use any of the entrances / exits. 

For EYFS and KS1, we still want parents to drop off and collect their child at  the classroom doors. 

For KS2 children, we will want parents to drop their child off at the main KS2 gate (to the right of the hall doors). Please stay with your child until they reach these bottom gates (unless they are in Y5/Y6 and have permission to walk by themselves) as staff cannot be responsible for children until they are in the building. Thank you. 

Children will be collected from the same places that we have used this year.  

Thank you for all of your incredible support this year. You have all managed so well in very difficult circumstances and have helped us in so many ways. 

We are really looking forward to welcoming you all back in September and enjoying these new freedoms. Please enjoy a wonderful summer break with your children. See you on Monday September 6th! 

Yours sincerely, 

Mrs D Broadhurst