Safeguarding Policy

Policy Details
Date created05/2019
Date reviewed
Next review date05/2021
Date approved2019


We are committed to safeguarding children and young people and we expect everyone who works in our academy to share this commitment and work within the relevant frameworks.  Safeguarding is everyone’s responsibility and we ensure all of our staff are trained to be vigilant, aware of the signs of abuse, and are able to follow safe working practices.

Our academy is a community and all those directly connected with it – staff members, volunteers, governors, parents, families, and pupils; have an essential role to play in making it safe and secure. 

Adults in our academy take all welfare concerns seriously and encourage children and young people to talk to us about anything that worries them.  We will always act in the best interests of the child.

The governing body will ensure that Co-op Academy Clarice Cliff has arrangements in place to safeguard and promote the welfare of pupils and will work together with other agencies to identify, assess and support those children who are suffering or likely to suffer harm.

This policy applies to all children (i.e. those who have not yet reached their 18th birthday) who are pupils at this academy or who visit /come into contact with our school community.

This policy applies to all members of staff in our academy, including all permanent, temporary, and support staff (including supply teachers), governors, volunteers, contractors, and external service or activity providers.

Purpose and Aim

  • To promote and prioritise the safety and welfare needs of pupils.
  • To protect pupils from maltreatment and prevent the impairment of their health and development.
  • To ensure that pupils grow up in circumstances consistent with the provision of safe and effective care, enabling them to have the best outcomes in life.
  • To support pupils’ development in ways that will foster security, confidence, resilience, and independence.
  • To provide an environment in which pupils feel safe, secure, valued, respected, listened to, and confident to approach trusted adults if they are in difficulties. 
  • To raise the awareness of all teaching and non-teaching staff and volunteers of their responsibilities to safeguard children.
  • To ensure that all members of the school community respond to cases of suspected abuse or neglect consistently, sensitively, professionally, and in ways that best support the needs of the child.
  • To ensure that staff are properly trained in recognising and reporting safeguarding issues.

Our Ethos

Our pupils’ welfare is our paramount concern and we will always act in the best interests of the child.

We accept that where safeguarding and child protection are concerned – ‘it could happen here.’

We recognise the importance of providing a school environment where pupils feel safe and respected.  

We encourage pupils to talk openly and to feel confident that they will be listened to.

We recognise that all adults within the academy have a full and active part to play in protecting our pupils from harm and as such they will always exercise ‘professional curiosity.’

We will work closely with parents and carers to ensure their understanding of the academy’s responsibilities to safeguarding and promote the welfare of their children, which may include the need to make referrals to other agencies in some situations.

We will work closely with other agencies to meet the needs of our pupils.

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