Year 6 | Mondrian

Year 6 | Mondrian

Welcome to Year 6; a year to make some fabulous memories to store with you for the rest of your life!

Staff Information

Hello. My name is Mrs Saleem and I am the class teacher for Y6 Mondrian class this year.  My favourite lesson to teach is English and I particularly enjoy writing. My favourite pastime is reading, especially scary books! Year 6M is also supported by Mrs Watson, Mrs Coutnell and Mrs Sardar.

Topics Studied

Our curriculum and topics are designed to excite our pupils and enthuse them in their learning. Each topic has been carefully created to teach a wide range of skills and knowledge, whilst covering all aspects of the National Curriculum.

Autumn Term 

This term we are exploring the Frozen Kingdoms of the Arctic and the Antarctic and finding out what happened on the famous journey of the Titanic. We will be exploring the Geography of the world and learning about the wonders of the Polar regions. In the second half of the term, we will be looking at Darwin’s Delight’s: a topic that focuses on the theory of evolution, habitats and how DNA has changed over time.

Spring Term

In order to learn all about World War 2, we are taking part in a WW2 evacuation day, where the children will be dressing up as they would do during the war time. During this day, we will be learning about the evacuation process, basic first aid, sew and mend, and rationing. Over the course of the term, we will find out all about life during the 1940s and learn about the cause and effect of the different aspects of the war for children both in England and abroad.

Summer Term

During the summer term, we will be looking at 2 topics: Gallery Rebels and Hola! Mexico. In the first part of the term we will be creating our own Art gallery filled with Expressionist artwork. We will be exploring the work of Mary Wigman in PE and creating our own expressionist dancing sequencing. Towards the end of the term, our focus will turn to transition from Primary School to Secondary.