Reopening of School

Start and finish times from Monday 8th March

Nursery – arrive 9:00, finish 3:00

Reception- arrive 9:00, finish 3:00

KS1 (Y1/Y2)- arrive 8:50, finish 3:10

KS2 (Y3/Y4)- arrive 8:50, finish 3:05

KS2 (Y5/Y6)- arrive 8:50, finish 3:15

We are all really looking forward to welcoming all of our pupils back to school next week. 

I am writing to you to give you more information about the arrangements for all pupils to return to school on Monday March 8th. Many things will be the same as they were for the autumn term but I thought a reminder would be useful as it seems like such a long time ago! 

Key measures will include:

  • Pupils working in class “Bubbles” with limited mixing with other pupil bubbles
  • Staggered break / lunchtimes for year group bubbles
  • No assemblies or large gatherings in the hall
  • Classroom layout – KS2 pupils will be front-facing wherever possible and KS1 will have some changes to desk arrangements
  • Increased hygiene measures such as regular handwashing and use of hand sanitiser
  •  Limited movement around communal areas of school
  • Pupils being provided with their own set of stationery including pencils, ruler etc.

 I am also setting out some additional information in the form of a series of questions and answers and hope that many of your main concerns are included.

Where do I drop and collect my child and at what time?

In line with government guidance, we are continuing to stagger some start and finish times to try to reduce the number of people on site at any one time. We aim to return to our usual times as soon as possible. Please try to arrive promptly for these times so that we are able to reduce congestion.

Nursery 9am-3pm. Please drop off / collect your child via the small single nursery gate and leave your child with staff at the Nursery canopy entrance near to the pirate ship.

Reception 9am-3pm Please drop off / collect your child via the double gates off the back car park. Children will enter through their classroom doors. Please stand in the designated areas and avoid gathering close to the classroom doors.

KS1 (Y1/Y2) 8:50-3:10pm.  Please drop off / collect your child via the double gates on the back car park. Children will enter through their classroom doors. Please stand in the designated areas and avoid gathering around the classroom doors.


Y3-Y4 8:50-3:05pm. Please enter via the double gates to the front right as you look towards the school, which will be coned off from vehicles. Please drop your child off at the hall doors at the front of school. Parents then need to follow the one-way system to leave the site via the other set of double gates leading back on to Goldenhill Road. This is to avoid congestion.

Y5-Y6 8:50-3:15pm Please enter via the double gates to the front right as you look towards the school, which will be coned off from vehicles. Please drop your child off at the main KS2 gates leading to the main playground. Parents need to leave their children at the gates to avoid crowding playgrounds. Staff will be on duty at the gates. Parents then need to follow the one-way system to leave the site via the other set of double gates leading back on to Goldenhill Road. This is to avoid congestion.

All of KS2 (Y3-Y6) Please collect your child from the KS2 playground at the end of the day unless your child in Y5/Y6 has written permission to walk home without a parent. Children will stand in designated spaces and parents must wait behind painted lines at a safe distance and staff will send children to their parents. Staff will be available to guide you to the correct places. Please follow the one way system and leave via the exit gate off Goldenhill Road.

All Parents / Carers

All parents and carers need to stand in the designated spaces when dropping / collecting their children which will sometimes be behind painted lines. Parents need to remain in these spaces and staff will send your children to you. Please do not stand close to the classroom doors as this will cause congestion as well as making it difficult to spot other parents.

As a parent, how can I help to keep everyone safe?

We are asking all adults to wear masks on school grounds unless medically exempt. It will be essential for parents to follow social distancing rules when on and around the school site – please keep at a 2 metre distance wherever possible and quickly drop / collect children without gathering or chatting on the playground. Only one parent or carer will be allowed on site to drop / collect children. (If all parents came in twos, we would have 900 parents on site!) We also need all parents and carers to help by following all of the guidance and procedures that we share with you.

How can I communicate with staff?

Please don’t try to approach staff to talk about your children at the start or end of the day. Please use the communication systems that have been set up. Please use ClassDojo to communicate with your child’s teacher. If you are unable to log on to ClassDojo, please contact the school so that we can help you to sort this out.

Can I call in to the school office?

No, unfortunately, we really have to limit the number of people in this tiny entrance space. Please only visit the school office if an appointment has been made. For general enquiries, please contact the school office by text via Teacher2Parents on 07786201172. If you wish to report that your child is absent, please call the school on 01782 881 480 and select option 1.

What can / can’t pupils bring to school?

Pupils will be able to bring the following items to school;

school bag, coat, sun hat/ winter hat, water bottle, healthy snack, lunch, reading books, planner. Please ensure that toys and unnecessary personal belongings are left at home.

What are the arrangements for reading books?

Books will be sent home on Mondays and need to be returned on Fridays.

What are the arrangements for PE kits?

Children need to come to school wearing their PE kits on their PE day. Teachers will let you know which days PE lessons are. 

How will contact be minimised between pupils and between pupils and staff?

Pupils will work within their own class “bubbles” and can mix within these bubbles. They will only have minimal contact with other pupil bubbles during the day. For example, they will pass other pupils in corridors and when visiting the toilet. Lunchtimes and playtimes will be staggered to reduce contact. Pupils will eat lunch within their own classrooms. They will play in designated areas. Where possible, KS2 pupils will work at desks spaced out in rows rather than in groups. In KS1, some desks will be spaced out differently to aid distancing between pupils and staff. Where possible, staff will stay at a 2m distance from pupils. However, this will not be possible all of the time.

What do I do if my child is ill?

If your child is ill with possible Covid 19 symptoms, they must remain at home and you should arrange to have them tested by calling 119.

What if a parent or someone in the family is ill with possible Covid 19 symptoms?

Anyone with Covid 19 symptoms or anyone who lives with someone with symptoms must not enter the school premises. The person with symptoms must isolate and arrange to be tested.

What if my child becomes ill whilst at school?

If children become ill at school, we will call parents if we think they are too ill to be at school. If your child has possible Covid19 symptoms, we will call you to collect them immediately. Your child will wait away from others whilst being cared for by staff. You will then be given a letter detailing what to do to arrange a Covid 19 test. Children can only return if the test proves negative or they have been off school for 7 days and are then well enough to return. Siblings will also need to go home and cannot return for 10 days, unless the child with symptoms tests negative.

Contacting parents

It is essential that we have up-to-date contact details for all parents as we need them for emergencies and will also need to contact you to arrange to collect your child should they display any Covid 19 symptoms. Please let the school know if your contact numbers have changed.

Can I choose to keep my child at home?

The Government have clearly outlined their intention for the compulsory return of all pupils on March 8th.. Consequently, daily attendance will be a statutory requirement. Any reasons for absence should be made clear to the school office by leaving a message on the pupil absence line in the usual way. Fixed penalty notices may be issued for periods of unauthorised absence, in keeping with our LA’s Attendance Policy.

Extra-curricular clubs

Because clubs involve children from different classes and year groups mixing together, no clubs will take place until further notice. We will review this as guidance changes.

Will Breakfast Clubs take place?

No, unfortunately, Breakfast Clubs will not start just yet. We will review this and let you know if this changes.

Will all children receive breakfast bagels as they arrive in school if they want them?

Yes, breakfast bagels will be provided in classrooms. 

Will children be able to buy tuck at morning break?

No. For the time being, there will be no tuck service. However, children are welcome to bring a healthy snack for their morning break, eg a piece of fruit, toast, cheese & crackers etc.

What about any medical conditions my child has?

Parents must inform us of any new medical conditions. If your child uses an inhaler, please ensure that we have an in-date inhaler in school for them.

Where can I find more details on the school’s plans?

If you do have any other questions, please contact us via the school contact form on our website or via the following email address

All of the information and procedures above are subject to change, either due to updated government guidance or because we find that some systems don’t work well. If we do need to change anything, we will of course let you know.

We hope that this information has helped you to feel a little more confident about your child’s return. We understand the uncertainties that parents and carers are facing at this present time. We know that it will be a strange time for all of us, but if we all follow the guidance that we have outlined, this will help to ensure that we will all be able to return safely next week.

Please remember that there are so many positives to being in school. I’m sure the children will love seeing their friends and will have so much fun when they return. We will do our best to help them to settle back in and make our lessons as fun and educational as possible! 

Thank you for your cooperation and support in this incredibly important matter. We will see you all next Monday! 

Yours sincerely,

Mrs D Broadhurst