We're reopening to pupils on Monday 8th March. We've put all the details on this website.

Remote Learning | 03rd February 2021

Dear parents and carers, 

I hope you and your families are all well. I am writing to you about remote learning to try to help to make things work as smoothly as possible at this difficult time. 

Joining in with Learning 

We really need your help in getting your children to join in with their remote learning. Our staff are providing some excellent lessons for them on ClassDojo. Many are posting videos and recordings to help your child with their learning. Some of these are really fantastic! We don’t want any children to fall further behind so please do your best to get your child to take part every day, even if this isn’t for every lesson. Even a little bit each day will help! 

Devices –  Laptops, Chromebooks and Tablets

A good number of laptops have now been given out to pupils and a further 80 Chromebooks will be given out as soon as they have been set up, hopefully this week.  Tablets for our younger pupils are on order but may not arrive until after the half term holiday. We hope that these devices really will help you with remote learning. Please let us know if you need any help with using them.

ClassDojo- Communication

Please can we ask parents to do their best to only contact staff on ClassDojo during school hours. We know that some parents work and may only have time to send messages on Class Dojo in the evenings. That is ok but please understand that staff will only respond during school hours as they need time for other things too. Thank you. 

Marking and Feedback

Staff are doing their very best to give feedback and make comments on pupils’ work. Staff will often tell children how their work can be improved or which work needs correcting. Please encourage your child to act on this and make any corrections or improvements where they can. This will help them with their learning. 

Parent Survey – Remote Learning

We are interested in finding out about your views and experiences of our remote learning provision so you will soon receive an invite to complete a Google Forms Survey. The link will be sent to you via text. Please try to complete it if you can as it will help us to understand what home learning is like for you and your children and how we can make it better. 

More information on our Remote Learning offer is available in the Parents Section of our academy website. 

Thank you for everything you are doing to support your children with their learning at this time. If you can think of any other ways that we can help you with this, please let us know. It’s still a new way of working for us all so we are happy to hear your ideas. 

We hope to see you all soon. 

Take care, 

Mrs Broadhurst