PE Letter | 10th September 2020

Dear Parents and Carers,

Due to the current situation, we have made some changes to the arrangements for pupils changing into their PE kits that you will need to be aware of. From next week, we would like all pupils from Reception to Year 6 to come to school wearing their PE kits on the day that they have PE. This is for a number of reasons:

 Our younger children sometimes struggle to change in and out of their PE kits and staff have previously been able to assist them with this. Staff are now having to limit any unnecessary contact with pupils wherever possible.

 Older pupils usually get changed in different classrooms so that girls and boys can change separately. As we now have to avoid classes mixing, we will no longer be able to do this and we don’t have any other spaces for children to change in.

The children would stay in their PE kits for the whole day. So that children don’t get cold, we are asking you to send them wearing a pair of tracksuit bottoms, joggers or leggings instead of / on top of their PE shorts. If your child is able to take off and put on their joggers independently, they may wish to wear their shorts underneath their tracksuit/ joggers and then take off their tracksuit for their lesson and put it back on again afterwards. If not, they can stay in their tracksuit / joggers / leggings for the whole day.

Ideally, tracksuits / joggers / leggings should be black or navy but please don’t buy new ones. Please just use whatever you already have at home.

Please can parents also help by ensuring that all jewellery has been removed on PE days. If your child does forget to come wearing their kit, we may be able to provide them with a spare kit which will be washed afterwards. However, this won’t be ideal and we may not have their size, especially when it comes to pumps / trainers.

Staff will do their best to teach PE on the same day each week. They will let you know if PE days need to change.

We know that this is all an additional thing to remember, but PE is such an important part of the curriculum so we really need to find a way to make this work during the Covid situation. We really do appreciate your support with all of this.

If you have any questions over this, please do ask. Thank you so much for your help in this matter.

PE Days

Monday | Year 1 and Year 2

Tuesday | Year 3

Wednesday | Year 6

Thursday | Year 4

Friday | Year 5 and Reception