Covid-19 Update | 18th November 2020

Dear Parents and Carers,

I’m sure we are all looking forward to this lockdown ending and are hoping to be able to get together with family and friends over Christmas. Covid cases are on the rise locally. We have had a number of positive cases in school and amongst our families, so we really need to step up our efforts to follow the government guidelines. We have noticed a few things that are happening amongst some of our families that are not helping to keep everyone safe in our school community. We would like to make the expectations clear to everyone and ask that you follow the guidance below;

 Families need to keep to their own bubbles / household at all times

 Only collect your own children from school, not other people’s children (if this is an issue due to family members isolating, please speak to us)

 Do not allow your child to go round to their friends’ houses to mix and play

 Do not car-share with another household or bubble

 Do not gather in groups to chat with others, especially on the pavements outside the school gates

 Do not walk home with other families – Y5/ Y6 pupils who walk home alone may need to arrange to walk home with another pupil for their own safety

 Do not allow your child to play on the fields with children from other households or bubbles after school

 We ask that all adults wear masks whilst on the school site unless there is a medical reason.

If anyone in the family / household has any symptoms, they must get a test (call 119) and the whole family must isolate. Do not send any children to school. If test results come back negative, children can return to school.

We have also noticed that a number of parents are leaving their children at the main school gate in the mornings to save them having to walk around the school one-way system. Please remember that your child is your responsibility until they are safely inside the school building. Please stay with them until you see them go in through the KS2 gates or hall doors. The walk through the school only takes a minute and means that you can safely see your child go inside school. Thank you.

I know that at the moment we are all being asked to follow so many rules and understand how difficult this is. If we work together, this will really help us all. We are doing our very best as a school to keep children to their own bubbles for the whole day which is very difficult to manage. This good work will be lost if children are then mixing at the end of the school day and in their own time.

Thank you for your help with all of this. Let’s all hope for some better news on Covid in time for Christmas and the new year.

Stay safe.

Mrs Broadhurst