Co-op Academy Clarice Cliff | 2nd December 2020

Dear Parents and Carers,

I hope you have all seen the lovely welcome letter from Chris Tomlinson, the Chief Executive Officer of the Co-op Academies Trust. Finally, we have some lovely, positive news to share at the end of a tough year!

We are so excited to finally become an academy as part of the Co-op team. New signs will soon go up around the school, so look out for them. There may also be an announcement in the Sentinel about our conversion. It’s a wonderful time for us.

The children appear to be excited about it too, and one of them walked past me so proudly this morning shouting out, “Hey, Mrs Broadhurst, we’re the Co-op Academy Clarice Cliff now!”

Our website has now changed too so please do have a look when you can. More information will be added over the coming weeks.

We have noticed a few children wearing the lovely new Co-op uniform and they look wonderful. Please don’t think that you must buy new items unless you really need them. It’s absolutely fine to continue wearing our old uniform this school year.

The main aim of this conversion is to make our school even better for our pupils, families and staff. We are really looking forward to working with the Co-op team to do this. We’ll keep you posted on new developments!

Very best wishes,

Mrs D Broadhurst