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Policy Details
Date created01/09/2019
Date reviewed
Next review date04/07/2021
Date approved2019
Approved by the LGB

The school will:

  • Treat each child and family member with respect, ensuring that each one feels valued and important.
  • Show interest in and care for the whole family and encourage the school community to work together for the benefit of each child.
  • Aim to provide a first class education within a safe, secure and caring environment.
  • Have high expectations for all children and set work that will enable each child to achieve their potential.
  • Continually assess the child’s work to ensure that we meet their needs.  We will regularly report progress to parents.
  • Involve the child in the marking of their work and provide opportunities and challenge to make improvements.
  • Encourage high standards of behaviour at all times through the “Good to be Green” system, recording positive behaviour while ensuring a fair and consistent system of consequences.
  • Have an open door policy and aim to solve any problems speedily.
  • Teach your child to develop a positive attitude to one another, regardless of gender, race, culture, belief, values, age and need.
  • Inform parents of any concerns or problems that may affect their child’s progress or behaviour.
  • Maintain a safe, secure and attractive school learning environment.
  • Celebrate your child’s academic and personal achievements.


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Head Teacher

Parents / Carers

I will:Encourage a positive attitude in my child to attendance at school.Ensure that my child arrives on time and is collected on time at the end of the school day.Let the office know if someone different will be collecting my child.Telephone any absences to the school on the day of absence and provide any medical evidence if required.Avoid taking holidays in term time.  If this is unavoidable, I will complete the necessary request forms.
I will:Support the school in the implementation of the “Good to be Green” behaviour system (copies available in school or on the school website).Support school staff in recognising achievements of my child and acknowledging consequences given as part of the behaviour policy.Be a good role model to my child by speaking respectfully to members of staff, other parents or pupils within the school community (as outlined in the Policy on the Behaviour of Parents).
Achievements and progress
I will:Support my child through regular reading at home.Help my child with homework and take care of books or work sent home.I will attend the school’s parent’s evenings to discuss my child’s progress.I will make the school aware of any problems or concerns that may affect my child’s work or behaviour.
I will:Ensure that my child wears school uniform (named), suitable footwear and has a PE kit (named) at school at all times.Ensure that my child brings their reading book, diaries and any other equipment into school every day.


I will:Keep my attendance within the green zone (95%+).Make sure that I come into school on time every day.
I will:Follow the school Golden Rules of:We are gentleWe are kind and helpfulWe listenWe are honestWe work hardWe look after propertyAccept praise and consequences given as part of the school “Good to be Green” system.Always be a good ambassador for our school.Respect everyone in school.Look after my possessions and leave toys, games and jewellery at home.
Achievements and progress
I will:Have a positive attitude to learning, completing all of my work to the best of my ability.Complete any homework for the date given by my teacher.Read at home regularly.Respond to any marking that my teacher completes in my book.
I will:Wear full school uniform every day and look after it throughout the day.Always have my full PE kit in school.Always have my reading book, diary and other equipment ready in school every day.
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