Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Statement 

The Trust’s Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Policy sets out our Trust’s approach and this is followed here in our academy.  

We bring this Trust policy to life through our own ethos, policies and procedures. Here at Co-op Academy Clarice Cliff, we are committed to creating an environment and ethos where our whole school community is able to thrive. 

We can only thrive as a community when all people feel valued, respected and have a voice. It is essential that we promote equality throughout all that we do and say. This includes our curriculum provision, recruitment procedures, policies, colleague development opportunities and everyday communication. 

Diversity and difference add value to our community and make our academy a richer place to be. We take an active role in recognising, promoting and celebrating these differences. 

We value and respect individuals’ differences including, but not limited to: 

● gender 

● pregnancy and maternity 

● ethnicity 

● culture 

● age 

● disability 

● sexual orientation 

● gender identity 

● religion or belief 

● marital or civil partnership status 

● education 

● learning styles 

● caring responsibilities

Action Taken 

How do we demonstrate how the academy is complying with the public sector equality duty, and review our progress against equality objectives? 

  • Our curriculum includes many opportunities for our pupils to learn about equality, diversity and actively promotes tolerance, respect and understanding. 
  • We provide support and resources to enable all pupils to access the full curriculum, make progress and develop socially, emotionally and academically. 
  • Our Behaviour Policy supports our pupils in developing the skills and attitudes they need to live and work alongside others harmoniously.
  • Strong links with parents, carers and the local community supports inclusion and community cohesion. 
  • All pupils are encouraged to participate in all aspects of academy life and enjoy socialising and experiencing new opportunities.
  • All staff are valued and are supported in their professional and personal development.
  • Everyone within the academy and all those associated with it are treated with respect and dignity. 
  • Staff, pupils and parents have an active voice within the academy and their views and ideas shape what we do and how we do it. 

Equality Objectives 

Objective 1
To ensure that all pupils have equal access to their education through regular and good levels of attendance. Where attendance is a concern, support plans will be put in place.  
Objective 2
To develop ways to involve more parents in academy life so that all feel welcome, have a voice and are able to make a positive contribution. Where barriers exist such as EAL or disability, we will be mindful of this and work with parents and carers to enable them to fully engage in all opportunities. 

We review our progress against equality objectives through a variety of strategies, including; 

  • Monitoring attendance and participation to ensure that all pupils are accessing their education.
  • Talking to our parents and using surveys such as YourVoice to find out what they think about things that matter to them in our academy and how they feel they could become more involved.